Pit Bull Program

The Pit Stop Program, created by Faithful Friends Animal Society, is an education, outreach and intervention program for the local community serving “pit bull” dogs. This program addresses the high rates of homelessness, abuse and euthanasia of “pit bull” dogs occurring in Delaware.

This program provides the tools that promote responsible ownership; responsible ownership is the key to keeping all pets safe and out of shelters. Our goal is to educate the community and provide services and resources that not only protect the dogs in our community but the families that love them.

The Pit Stop supports owners of “pit bull” dogs and provides low-cost services including: vaccinations, spay/neuter, micro-chipping, flea and tick preventative, advice and supplies.

The Pit Stop enhances our current shelter adoption program by offering potential adopters advice, training, and adoption follow up. All of our in-house dogs receive training and kennel enrichment. Ultimately this program allows us to introduce every "pit bull" dog as an individual to the community and provide them with the best chance for a brighter future.

The Pit Stop also partners with other rescue groups in the area to provide a full circle of compassion and assistance for “pit bull” dogs. Together we are identifying “pit bull” dog ambassadors in our community to create a brighter future for them.

For more information or to take advantage of any of the Pit Stop services, including free spay/neuter, or if you know of a “pit bull” dog that is being neglected, abused or has been abandoned, please contact us at 302-427-8514, ext. 0 or email pitstop@faithfulfriends.us

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